Naming our Sailboat Pau Hana

For years we loved to travel to Hawaii -- the food, culture, and weather all seemed to fit with our way of living. By the time. By the time Colton was 3, he had been to Maui twice and quickly adopted the relaxed lifestyle and love for the ocean.
When we decided to sell our house and move onto a new-to-us sailboat, among a million other decisions to be made, was the name of our boat. After dismissing the common, silly ones, we kept circling back to Hawaiian-based names, finally settling on Pau Hana.
We wanted to adopt a lifestyle that was fun, worldly, exciting, and adventurous. One that we would look forward to after the "workday" was done. PAU HANA translates to finished work. Locally it is used to mean "one is done working for the day and it's time to chill."
And that is one of the many things we love about this liveaboard lifestyle. So you can see it was easy to adopt Pau Hana as our boat name.
What does it mean to us?
What we do with our family time when the workday is done.
Join us on our adventures as we share travels, cultures, cuisines, mishaps, and good fortunes as we live aboard and sail Pau Hana.
[Pau: finish; Hana: work]


{Pau: finish; Hana: work|